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C.B. Whittemore

Ryan, this is beautiful! Thanks.


today's the day!

gianandrea facchini

ryan, that's great. what about sending me the list with all the links? i want to put it on my blog.


Many thanks and
Happy New Year.

taylor p

hey. i read your thing about obama and it seems to me that you really understand the problems in the world about interracial relationships. i am having a few problems with that actually and was wondering if you would email me so i could talk to you about it.


Really enjoy reading your blog.. especially your post on interracial dating. I'm in a relationship with a Turk and going through the process of spending time with his family and him with minds and also trying to learn a different culture and langauge and also understand his religion.


Hello Ryan and thank you for this opportunity. I am a Black woman who have dated Hispanic and White men and I have found within the Black race it doesn't matter. Dating out of our race is shunned for the Black woman but the White woman is protected for doing so even when she does not need protecting a lot of misperceptions out here.

I can tell you now that you froze when the woman payed you a compliment and then disrespected the both of you in the same breath as the compliment. Who expects someone to compliment and then disrespect at the same time?

She was hating on you too, but she decided to cover it up with a compliment she is the extremely devious types Ryan that you want to stay away from, they think deviously just like you and I breath.


I really find it hard what to say about this blog. I have attended all white schools mostly all life. I often was only one of only two blacks students in a class of twenty. I would notice that white guys always cat called and got drunk and grab on the women and sometimes would be abusive to them in public. I often would ask myself this “Why is it that when they do that it is funny?” I MEAN people make movies about it, Animal house, Road Trip, American Pie are all movies that make being an abusive drunk white man good. But maybe these people like most people in America have been conditioned to fear the black man and are more critical on him then the white man. I remember in college I did report on date rate on college campus. MY findings are that in 1991 on major Universities in America, 73% of the sexual assaults that were perpetrated by male on campus were in fact White males. But the funny thing that I found and my class was in shock to find was that over 89% convictions for assault that same year was on black males on college campus. The CNN special was terrible on all points. There was a scene talking about black men not taking care of their children. So the CNN interviewer goes with this black man to visit the mother of his 3 mouth old son, we see the mother sitting on the couch with her newborn by another man. NO one made a comment on that. Funny isn’t it. I bet people would not believe that there are more black men taking care of there kids then not taking care of them. Maybe my problem with the statements in Ryan's blog is that maybe she should admit that she has a bias against black men, remembers your mother and her sister both married white men. You have never dated a black man and you don’t like us on that level. It is sad that it this day after all the good black men do, we cannot be embraced. The world only sees us to be Thugs, Rapper, Ballers, and convicts. I am a father, Brother, Son. I build communities, fight injustice and bring the world Art, Music, Poetry, Knowledge and Fashion. I have a saying “ you love my music, clothes, style and swag, but you hate me”. I love and respect you Ryan and please do not take this as an attack against you or your family, I am sure they are great people. I think people should just be fare.


This post makes me fell 100 times better, because I just started dating this black girl i have liked for sometime and i final got the courage to ask her out but when we started dating the people around me said some really mean things about us 2 dating and i have just been trying to find something that would tell me it is ok to date outside one's own race and that there are other people out there in the world that date outside there race as well so i just wanted to say thanks. the article let me know that it is ok to date someone out side your own race.

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