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May 10, 2010



I love it Ryan! I wore my hair short for years and it is sooo liberating. Now I have locs and that too is liberating. I'm proud of you and you look stunning!

Kelly Lierzer

You go Girl! Awesome Do.

Stephanie Vincent

Beautiful before, beautiful after :-)


Was excellent . thanks .


totally pretty face and you can see it more with the new haircut ;)



Valerie Enzenbacher

Hey I remember when you did this a few months back and it totally caught me off guard at the office. I think your hair looked fabulous though and I'm so glad you're giving it to Locks of Love. My younger sister is planning on doing the same thing soon. I wish my hair grew fast so I could do that...bummer. :( I don't think my hair will ever grow past my shoulders ever!!

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I read a few of your posts and I love them!! Keep it up! :)


I know that I'm a year or so late, but I think your hair looks great long AND short! I am African-American and Latino, so I have REALLY curly hair too - similar to yours. I'd been perming my hair for years (not realizing that b/c of my hair texture, I didn't need to)and then I finally lopped it all aff and let it be natural. I gotta say - I've never gotten so much attention from men... And women! I lovedit! It was bold and sexy and extremely feminine. It brought out my face and was so easy to maintain. Enjoy your short hair. I had mine short for about 5 years. It's long and curly now, and I love it, but sometimes I still get the urge to take it all off again. It's just hair - do what you want! You're beautiful!

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