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March 01, 2010


Amin 4000

I dig both, and think both will work, but I'd say whichever you ultimately decide to go with, you should def consider a color/dye to match... It will give the new look even more edge and rawness, especially with the second style.


Thanks Amin :)

And just got another vote from a guy friend for the short look. I'm surprised by that, actually.


I'd go with the longer look. It's more fun, and if you decide you want to change midway through the summer, you can always go to the short one.

I'd be concerned with the grow-out of the short one... seems like a lot of maintenance to keep it short too.

But I look awful when I'm nearly bald (from what I can tell from wearing swim caps) so I'm a little biased against really short hair!


The very short cut has the virtue of being completely no maintenance. But it's pretty limiting. I mean, all you can do with it is wear it short -- maybe change the location of the part. But if your hair grows pretty fast, and if you decide on the short-short one, by the time you're tired of it, you'll have enough newly grown-out hair to do some interesting things with.


Hmm... I've heard a dead split between the two. If I did the short, I'd actually be kinda excited about the grow out. I could get some funky cuts, just for fun.

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

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