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February 19, 2010



Hi Ryan. His statement "I have it way bad for the dark haired, olive to dark skinned, exotic, ethnic beauties of various backgrounds" seems to me a vague description of women who may or not be ‘caucasian.’ His statement "I prefer to be selective in the African American category," is also vague. I don’t know if his selectivity is based on physical appearance, behavior, attitude or any other criteria. I suspect he may be trying to filter out a stereotyped profile of an African American woman. Would he turn down a woman like Halle Berry, who should fit into his "dark haired, olive to dark skinned" ideal? I don’t know. There is not enough information to go by. I will say, however, if he is as arrogant as you believe him to be, at least African American women on would be spared from dealing with that arrogance.


Who cares what this guy thinks?

I don't worship white people and people like him are better off dating their own people.

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