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October 09, 2009



Hahahaha! I love you.


Find a couple of recipes to perfect. Then have a few people over to share it with, after you're out of quarantine.


Well actually, I DID make an apple pie, from scratch! With a woven lattice top! I'm proud.


Wow you poor thing get better soon. Um to keep yourself busy you could write a story, or read.


Write a short story about the first person in Chicago quarantined with H1N1 who believes she spys a murder in the high-rise apartment across the way.

And how was the pie, btw?

swine flu

i know exactly how u feel. this is my third day with swine flu. I have been spying on my neighbors dog. It is hillarious. Feel Better Soon


hahaha i got swine from my gf :( but i dident think it was swine... i am goin to get my "shot" for swine in about 30 minutes from now, how ever i think my mom will be sad to here it got me befor the shot.i hope i dont die... DAY 4 of Swine Flu. Btw i just found out it was swine today, going to confirm with docters. fml Peace...


Hey Nathan -
I don't think you need the shot if you've already had the flu. You're a survivor with immunity! (I think...)


day 7 with swine and still feeling like shit...this sucks. thanks for the entertainment ideas :)

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