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September 15, 2009



Yay!!! Pdaddy has tried at various times to talk some sense into nothavingit. But to no avail. He even distorts my comments to suit his sad rants. I have always been amazed at how bold and hostile some people become when they comment on blogs. Apparently, the anonymity of cyberspace brings that out in some people.


Good move, Ryan. It's not just the perennial negativity of "nothavingit's" posts on this site that constitute a reason to ban him, it's also, even more disturbing, the guy's penchant for trying to obliterate your spirit. The latter indicates a very sad and dangerous guy, a bully.
Wonder if he has his own blog. If he does, what a major downer it must be.


Good move Ryan! Even when under attack, you "cling feverishly" to your ideals and your advocacy of free speech by choosing to self-monitor. Someone who manages to contradict him/herself in two sentences doesn't have the currency of character or credibility to shake the foundation of a reputation you've been building for years. I applaud 'nothavingit'; in commenting on your aspect of character, he's let you showcase your AWESOME character and blown wind into the sail of a cause s/he seems to be trying to sink. Ha! Match point: Ryan. Kudos for not resorting to Liskula Cohen-esque threats.

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