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June 16, 2009



The happiest that I have ever been in my life was the day that I got my license. I know that it's cliche, and that everyone is super happy when they get their license...but, I was the first one that ever passed the test on the first try for my family. As soon as I passed the test and saw the piece of plastic shoot out with my chubby little picture, I knew that I was on my way to being a grown up.

Mind you, that super happy, covered in acne 16 year old picture, would later come to haunt me, but that first day? It was glorious.


Ahh what a great contest! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. One of my favorite things to remember is galloping my horse in an open field in the middle of the summer. Nothing better!


I remember a poem companioned with a real life event that made me feel excited and happy. The first two lines of the poem:
"I remember I remember the house where I was born,
The window where the sun came peeking in at morn."
The real life event: Those summer Saturdays when I awakened to sunshine through the blinds and the sound of my father cutting the grass with a rotary mower. I could't get out of bed fast enough to join him. My dad was home!

Jenn Re Drouin

As a child, I could never quite lick my ice cream cone fast enough to avoid the vanilla drips running down my hands, arms and eventually my t-shirt. My dad would inevitably order an extra large cone and when I handed it back to him, I would always be so impressed with his willingness to remove all that "extra stuff" in order to create the perfect dolce. He's still my hero =]


After awakening at no-o-clock to see what Santa left us, playing with our toys until just before dawn, my sister and I would head to Diane and Gerald’s next door, ring the doorbell and wait until Mr. Robinson, groggy and distressed to see us at 5:00 AM, let us inside to see what their kids had gotten. They were, of course, already awake and waiting for us. Later in the morning we’d gather at my grandparent’s house along with Aunt D. and Uncle W. and their four kids. Sometimes Uncle J. came down to DC from Harlem. And occasionally Uncle K. joined us, when he wasn’t in jail. We ate a huge breakfast of ham, bacon, biscuits, brains, grits, eggs, etc. And then we opened the presents starting with youngest and ending with the oldest – my grandfather. Generally, though, my grandmother was the last to open presents because my grandfather opened his presents first. He always left early on. I figured he had to work (grownups always worked, it seemed to me). Years later I was told that he spent a part of those Christmas days with his “other” family, consisting of a woman with whom he had several children all around the ages of my sister, me and my cousins. His announcement that he “had someplace to go,” generated enormous tension that always led to an argument between my grandparents. And often their children (my mother, aunt and uncles) chimed in. We kids were oblivious mostly, delirious to be with each other, our new stuff and happy to sing carols to the grown-ups after my grandfather left. This “family secret” was kept from us until we were grown. For me the “happy” part of this memory consists of spending a huge stretch of time with my extended family, including the short bit of time with my grandfather. I liked the guy a lot.


My favorite memory was baking penis cupcakes as a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood for my community service club. There was a group of 20 of us, baking cupcakes, making penis designs, and frosting them! Not only did it not feel like volunteerwork, but it also got more people interested in community service and Planned Parenthood's cause! How perfect is that?


My favorite memory would probably be walking through the Neuschwanstein Castle near Munich, Germany. It is the basis of the Disney Cinderella castles, and I felt like such a princess walking through it...corny, I know, but it was an amazing feeling!

I would LOVEEEE to try out Perricone products after hearing so much about them...thanks for the great giveaway!

Lara C.

My happiest memory, at least as a child, was at Disney world. I went when I was about 6, and my family had saved up for years to go. I got the flu the night before and threw up in the hotel bathroom for 5 nights in a row!

But on the last night, I felt 100% better and my mom, dad, brother and I ran out onto the porch by our room to watch fireworks. It made a miserable week all worth it.

Love your blog! This was such a cute idea!


Lately it was being in Pittsburgh's South Side for the Penguins' Stanley Cup win. I was surrounded by my friends and fans and I know I'll be able to tell my kids about it one day.

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