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March 03, 2009



Hey Ryan,
Nice post. These topics are rough and I appreciate your honesty in the face of ridicule.


Good post as usual, I like hearing your voice. I will say that as a black man, I did feel that the cat call post disturbed me, just an independent opinion. The key phrase I take away from the post is "within the community". Dialog outside of the community is at best, speaking to the wrong audience, and at worst, divisive.



This is such a tough topic. I'm in the middle of a discussion with an old friend (a young Black man who I've known since he was a toddler) whose marriage seems to be disintegrating. And I realize that so many of the problems this young couple face are due directly to the kinds of social structures that seem to conspire against guys like him -- high and trade school educated men who're attempting to run their own business, in his case, construction. I watch with a great deal of sadness as he and his wife just talk by each other, and remember similar "misses" between my own parents. I wonder if young white couples face similar problems -- I doubt it.

Rosa Pittman

This is a great post, Ryan. I find it interesting that oftentimes, if you're biracial, it seems to disqualify you from calling out black people, I guess we've lost our aunthenticity card, when it's really that we want the best for our race, and that's why we point out where there's room for improvement.


Oh my stars!

An anti-black pow-wow by people in the advertising industry?

An industry on the cusp of a class-action lawsuit for its disturbing lack of diversity?

You found people anxious to dump on black males in THAT setting?

Oh my heavens!

(If that's surprising to you, just wait 'till you find out that water is wet.)

I'm not sure what's more amusing: your protesting against the race-based grimblings of coworkers in a business with a known race problem, or your claim to identify, somehow, with black men.

Honestly, your negro hathos is twisting you into knots. Might I suggest some talk therapy?

Oh wait--would the shrink have to be white for you to be comfortable?


Yes, nothavingit. I have an "all white" (preferably aryan) policy for any doctor/physician/shrink I see. You figured me out.


Hey, you can't please everyone, especially when you're telling the truth. Someone will always be offended. I'm still shaking my head over people's responses to the cat-calling post. Everything you said was true! And trust me, people weren't jumping on you because you're biracial, they jumped on you because you criticized Black men, which is a cardinal sin in the Black community.

It's admirable that you care what Black men think, but as you can see, honesty will always alienate some people. Anyway, great post.

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