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January 21, 2009




Great to hear you experience. I took the day off from work and met several friends at 11 am at the Blarney Stone restaurant in Boston's Dorchester section. While watching the events on television, we ate lunch and drank Mimosas/champage to celebrate. The telecast was on all screens in the restaurant and bar... which were both filled.

Aretha's singing stirred me to tears... that and the fact that I wish my parents were alive to witness this event. We watched on television the 1963 March on Washington.

There were plenty of cheers and applause when Biden and Obama took their oaths. Many waved goodbye at W boarded his helicopter.

I'm glad that I took the day off, because I spent the rest of the day at home sending e-mails and tweets.

Has King's dream been realized by Obama's presidency? In my opinion, no. Not even close.

King's dream was inclusive of everyone, not just progress for African Americans. We'll get closer to realization of his dream when we have a woman President, an Asian President, and a Hispanic President. We'll get closer to realization of his dream when we undo the bigotry that still exists.

It's progress toward a more perfect Union.

David Reich

Thanks for the report, Ryan.

I'm not crazy about big crowds, so I was content to watch it streaming on and then watching it all night on PBS and the networks, as well as on C-SPAN.

What a day! We, and the world, I think, have great optimism that our new President can, in fact, bring about positive change. And it gave me such a feeling of pride that this nation has come so far -- finally -- to elect someone based on what he says rather than what he looks like.

Manny Stevens

I was there too. So hectic!

The nice thing was the feeling of common cause. I think if there same conditions were imposed on a different group of people, it would've been disastrous.


A close friend of the family sent me this account from MA:

Hi Ryan,

You asked how the day went for your readers and so I am replying.

At about 9:00, a couple I know called and invited me to go to the Regent Theater in Arlington to watch the inaugeration on the big screen. The Regent is a semi-elegant, old theater and the owners had opened it to the celebration for free! The seats were about 3/4 occupied and everyone seemed as happy and excited as our little group.

It was amazing, everyone acted as if we were on the mall in D.C., booing at the entrance of Bush, cheering and chanting for Obama, standing up and sitting down on cue, and most astonishing, everyone joined in the singing of the Star Spangled Banner! I sang it for the first time in my life, wholeheatedly, without the tiniest reservation. My sister told me that she and my brother-in-law stood in their San Diego home and sang also. Although most Americans didn't go to D.C., the whole nation was responding as one.

After Obama took the oath, and gave his memorable speech we left the Regent and went out for lunch.

After lunch I returned home and spent the rest of the afternoon watching the parade and calling friends to rejoice. I kept scanning the crowds looking for you and your Mom, but didn't see you. In the evening, I checked out the balls and finally went to sleep at about 11:00, overjoyed to have our country lifted out of the unrelenting nightmare that was the G.W. Bush administration.


Hey Ryan -- a bunch of us here at P&S watched the big event on the big screen in iOne, via streaming video from CNN. It was a far cry from being on the mall or in Times Square, but at least we got to see it in real time!

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