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January 11, 2009


Stephanie Rogers

That is so cool, Ryan! Good for you. Fantastic pic, too :)

Great seeing you all last night...hope the rest of the evening was fun.


Connie Reece

Great to see you profiled in WaPo! Even though I appreciate the historical significance of this election, I know that pales (intentional pun) in comparison to what it must mean to you and your mom. I will look forward to reading your thoughts afterward.


Ryan, this is huge! It's so exciting.I think that you're an example of where passion can get you. (And hard work of course).

Gavin Heaton

That is awesome, Ryan! It certainly is a time of change!

Adam Gaffin

Congratulations - and that photo is really nice.

Ron Newman

Congratulations! And I hope this somehow gets you a ticket after all.

Arun Rajagopal

It's absolutely amazing to see you featured in the Post. I love your perspectives on Obama, politics and race. I hope 2009 is an awesome year for you.
And I sincerely hope that you get a ticket to the Inauguration. If anyone has to be there, it's gotta be you.

Action Bob Markle

hey you come from a great family, too....


Rock on, Ryan! I can't wait to hear your report on the inauguration.



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