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December 30, 2008



People are so delusional when it comes to their perception of Obama. Everyone says that they are happy that he is married to a dark skinned black woman however they forget that he is a man who was raised in and around whiteness. There is nothing magical about white women when you have been raised around them. Unlike an African American man who feels that a white woman is akin to a golden goose, Barack more than likely lived with alienation due to his brown skin. One would think he would seek someone he felt a kindred spirit-dark skinned intelligent Michelle.

Dating For Today's Man

A lot of black women in the '80's and '90's had this thing that they didn't want a dark-skinned man and would only date a light-skinned one with pretty eyes and good hair. So after so many dark-skinned men were ignored and passed up over the years, why should they be looked down upon when they turn to other races of women for affection. If these mentioned black women didn't want us, why should they care when women of other races do?

Interracial Dating

Although there are still some challenges even in this day and age, interracial relationships can be successful and enriching. Although some Black women are very beautiful and very accomplished, there are a lot that act very ghetto, only want to date gangsters and run good black men off. There is good and bad in every race.


I don't think ALL dark-skinned women are looked down on. This is a myth, The cold fact is that tall dark-skinned women with nice figures have always been at a premium in the black community. Think singer Kelly Rowland as a prototype:

or think the tall, curvaceous Serena Williams. Or think model Gabrielle Union.

Or why is it that black men spend hours surfing for curvaceous (non obese) shapely women in revealing outfits, and appreciate them dark skin and all. Does anyone really believe that if these women were short, dumpy and light-skinned, they would attract so many male eyeballs?

Black men generally value such women, over and above some plain or chubby light-skinner. Contrary to popular myth, black men don;t automatically run after light skin. It is nothing special without other things. Black men want much more. A skinny plain white blond does not automatically get some sort of special edge, nor some 'red' woman of plain description. No flags are automatically run up for them. Give black men more credit than that.

It is the dark-skinned women who are less favored physically (like plain women of all races) who have the most trouble. I think that distinction needs to be made clear. Tall, slender and/or athletic build, non-obese gorgeous dark-skinned women like Kelly Rowland rarely lack for male attention, and that includes many white men (not all but many) as well, who will go for her, as opposed to some plain chubby blond. Let's be honest here. Age of course is a factor- with younger women naturally having an edge.

For the old school, the same pattern applies. Dark-skinned Pearl Bailey for example was tall and well built, and never lacked for male attention. There is no "man shortage" or "shortage of black males" for such women, prior to the ravages of age taking over. Now many women not getting attention lament that they are attractive but the key is not that THEY consider themselves attractive, it is what the MEN think, that determines who gets asked out for a date and who doesn't.

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