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October 20, 2008


Pocho Saurus

Great post - it's amazing what Obama's half a billion dollars will buy in this election.

Pity John McCain and his paltry public financing - is anyone going to call out Obama and the DNC for raising so much money to win this election?

Just wondering...

Saurus Pocho

How dare Obama and the democrats raise so much money! Especially when they are taking such small amounts of money (>$100) from millions of lower and middle class people! U.S. citizens shouldn't be allowed to influence politics in our democracy unless they are rich.

El Bruce

The "official language" thing is hilarious. There's no reason for English to be the official language of America, because America isn't England. They invented it, it's named after them, if there's any reason to have an official language, they've got enough reason, and we don't.

We've always been settled by immigrants - well, even before foreigners showed up on the shores of this land, there were many languages spoken here. And those who did show up have always spoken whatever they've spoken in order to get along. The American language is no language, and every language.

But that's idealism, not practicality. In terms of signage, forms, etc. each municipal area creates media in whatever languages are represented locally. Given that we now have automatic translation and direct printing technology easily available, there's less need now for an official language than there ever was.

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