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October 07, 2008


Jason W

This implosion would be fun to watch weren't so disturbing.


Totally - it's like a lynch mob up in those rallies.

Manny Stevens

I also want to laugh, but it makes me sick that these are Americans.

I wish they'd say what they really think. "I hate Obama because he's not white."

Pocho Saurus


No one heard anyone say "kill him" that could be verified. Yes, McCain and his campaign is stooping to stupid appeals to try and defeat Obama. McCain is losing, and everyone knows it. But even the Secret Service looked into this and found nothing solid:

Will the media retract this? Of course not. I guess it's better to let the story live and stay out there. It sells more papers and gets more clicks to say that Republicans are racist, I suppose.
Obama himself propagated this at the last debate.

He really should take the high road and say it didn't happen - because apparently, it didn't.

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