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September 24, 2008


Rick Erickson

I liked Wanda until I saw her this week on Leno. Her comments concerning Palin were out of line even for Wanda. The ignorant women makes reference to not being Muslim (like it is an awful thing) later in the show yets advocated voting for one as President of this country. Wanda, you suck.



I completely disagree with your comment, though I can see how someone might find Sykes' views unpalatable. I think of Sykes as a comedienne whose observations reflect the point of view of certain people -- like the women who sit in the "beauty parlor" for hours upon hours just talking about what's happening in the family, the neighborhood and the country. What she said on Leno was a hoot. Folks who do comedy tend to be far less reverent than "surrogates" for or against their candidate. And why shouldn't they be?


She's a comic. It's her job to be out of line. And last time I checked, Obama was Christian.

Manny Stevens

Hilarious and Dead-on.



Hey racist. I don't think Wanda was out of line AT ALL, considering what she usually says. Which makes me wonder... you liked her before? What did you like about her, if you found her appearance on Leno out of line?


Hey there, Rick,

I'm hoping that you really did like Wanda before...especially the bit she does about women having detachable vaginas. I'm sure that is just your cup of tea.

Try harder, Rick.

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