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September 12, 2008


Manny Stevens

Thats Wild


Love you representing the soxs!



Bummer about going over on the last one - I'd have guessed higher too on account of the car.

But still must have been fun. A friend of mine from college was on the show and won a trip to Madrid. She said Bob wore a ton of make-up!

So, important question... did you get to keep the grandfather clock? ;-)


Bob did wear a ton of make-up. Almost looked like a mask, no joke.

I actually sold the clock on ebay... to an absolutely crazy Floridian guy. But that's a whole other story :)


Hey, I came across this through facebook, that is so awesome! As a gambler its one of my dreams to be on a game show. I lived in Southern Cal for 2 years, that place has some fun opportunities


Um, if you ran for president, I would totally vote for you.


Hey Steve -
You're actually the talk of the FCS '01 alumni! Professional poker player now, right? That's seriously impressive. You would have won both showcases, I'm sure.

jpastor - I love you dude. You crack me up.

Stephanie Rogers

I've seen this before, but it is so effing still makes me laugh. The prizes are have the fun - did you get to take home that antique clock?!


Hey Steph -
I know some peeps have seen this, but I got it digitally remastered so I thought I'd share it with all!! Yay.

I did get the clock. I sold it on eBay for like half the "actual retail price." I think they lied on the show about how much it was worth. Bastards.
:) Ryan

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