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August 29, 2008



I was at the "March on Washington" and heard MLK's unbelievably uplifting speech. That night at the Bohemian Caverns nightclub, I sat right in front of John Coltrane as he played -- well, you know.
I was taking a mid-term at Howard University when someone burst into the room yelling,
"President Kennedy has been shot."
"Where?" I asked,trying to gauge the seriousness of his injury).
"In Dallas," the someone answered.
I was sitting in my living room in Newton Upper Falls, Mass. listening to some high-brow show on the radio which was interrupted with the announcement that MLK had been murdered.

There were so many more -- Malcolm, RFK, John Lennon -- that I stopped noting where I was when "it" happened.

But now, I DO indeed note, this occasion -- Obama's official nomination and subsequent extraordinary speech. When I think about my grandparents, I wonder if they would even be able to wrap their heads around what has happened. My father's father was born in 1863. Things have changed so much from what they grew up, lived, and worked in.

Now let us hope that the change leaps even further, to the conclusion that I believe so many of us yearn for -- an end to these hard hard times, to Obama's election.



I recall having heard Colin Powell had incredibly high ratings that suggested, had he run, that he would have been a strong favorite. He chose not to.

Would your heart be racing, hands clapping, eyes sparkling, if an African American was nominated on the Republican side?

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