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August 11, 2008



As much as this is an effective way of reaching and inspiring a younger audience, young voters should also be aware of the causalities that are attached to providing your phone number on websites. As much as I adore Obama, and can't wait know the VP nominee, I am still prescient of the fact that providing my phone number will make me vulnerable to numerous phone calls requesting donations. Politics are always politics, no matter how cool and effective the strategy is.


Hey Jillian -
What you're saying is true, no question. However, these update texts only require a short-code opt in. The sign-in form on the website asks if you'd like to include your personal phone number, but you aren't required to provide it.


LMFAO @ "so ridiculously awesome, I gotta go sign up right away."


Ryan - Noah Brier (and the NYTimes) adds some interesting comments to this topic over on his blog (3rd bullet down):

Namely - "A study conducted during the 2006 elections showed that text-message reminders helped increase turnout among new voters by four percentage points, at a cost of only $1.56 per vote — much cheaper than the $20 or $30 per vote that the offline work of door-to-door canvassing or phone banking costs."

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