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August 06, 2008



Oh my Hell! I have the same concerns, too. I am beginning to feel like there is some serious race-hating going on & his campaign has opened the door to a brand of bigotry & hatred that sets everyone & thing back.

Manny Stevens

It just amazes me that in many parts of this country, this is kind of thought is the norm. People pass around emails like this to their like-minded family and friends. I was listening to a guy on NPR saying "I'm not racial [sic] or anything, I'd just feel more comfortable with a white president". Wow.

Andy Freedman

It's terrible that someone sent something racist like that.These type of uncalled
for racist attacks are unfair to Obama.And unfair to the American people also.You see
the strategy of these bigots is to say stupid,racist things,so Obama will then respond by taking ultra conservative positions in order to try and please these morons.

For example because of these racist attacks on him,Obama in order to please these bigoted voters has now taken a position on affirmative action that is so reactionary that it please the far right Goldwater institute.I don't know what he said to them.But if Obama really is still a public supporter of affirmative action,Time Magazine wouldn't report that the Goldwater Institute likes Obama.

I think there should be some diversity programs for African-Americans,Latinos,
and women.But there also should be some government assistance for poor whites as well.And I'm considered to liberal for the Goldwater institute.So imagine what Obama
must've said if they now like him.

Then,eventhough there's nothing wrong with it,Time magazine also reported that Obama
had a college friend from Pakistan.The racists started calling Obama a Muslim.Of course there's nothing wrong with being of the Islamic faith.So just how Obama moved to the right on Affirmative Action to please the bigots.Obama in response to bigots accusing him of being a Muslim has now called for possibly striking alleged Terrorists in Pakistan.Since it makes Obama
look like more then just an anti-war candidate.

I'm supportive of using Economic Sanctions and other pressure to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.And while I want to pull our troops out of Iraq.I'm in favor of keeping American troops in Afghanistan.
I'm not soft on Terrorisim.But Pakistan isn't Iran.They are an ally of the U.S.And they happen to have a nuclear weapons program.As well as a large population of
religious Muslims who hate America. So bombing even one alleged Al Queda camp
inside Pakistan could create chaos.

So if there are Terrorists in Pakistan,I'm for having American troops sneak over the Afgahnistan/Pakistan border and grab them in the middle of the night.But it's dumb to
call for a public bombing of Pakistan.You know Ryan if these racist idiots send an
e-mail about Obama's Grandparents Social Security might be the next thing he moves to the right onLOL.

ur all dumbtards

r u serious? if obama would change his position based on what ANYONE said, then he is a weak man and shouldn't be our prez! spineless is how you portray him, yet you support him! oh yeah, why do you call black americans, african-americans? you don't call white americans british-americans, or black people from england aren't african-british! do you really need to be MORE special and unique? also, in case you forgot, we live in america. land of the free. you know, freedom of speech. you can say whatever the fuck you want! and if it bothers you, move somewhere that the population is a majority black and thus this racism that you keep perpetuating will cease to exist. people are always gonna say shit you don't like, but it is the people that let it get to them that are sad. if you take that much stock in what other people think about you, then you are a sad pathetic excuse for a person who has issues they should take care of before teliing others how it is. the fact that one of you used rosaparks as your screen name is sad. why soil the name of a great person? I have two daughter of mixed ethnicity and i am ashamed of the stuff they have to grow up in! i see a black comic make fun of white people and call them cracker, yet a white comedian would probably be shot for saying similar things about a black person. a black person has more chances to go to school and make something of themselves because school is so cheap for them, yet most don't go! and it has nothing to do with where you live, i am tired of that bullshit answer. anyone can rise up to overcome any adversity, you just have to make that decision for yourself. and since when did it become cool to be a thug or ghetto or whatever it is called. i mean, do you really want your elementary aged kids listening to songs about fighting and guns and spending all of their money on rims or cars or drugs? don't get me wrong, there are plenty of genres of music that do talk about some of these things. but i can't think of very many rap artists that don't talk about all or most of these things in a single song. there are good rap artists like pharcyde and the roots, but how often do these artists get air time on radio or tv. virtually never in comparison to the likes of young jeezy or lil' wayne. the sexual enuendos in most popular rap is more disgusting than that email with lines like "chew all on my bubblegum" or "lick you like a lollipop"! i want my kids to have some class, not be a thug or ghetto(somebody should look that term up, if you have an escalade or rims, you are not ghetto), or trash even. oh yeah, bigotry works both ways. racism is racism, no matter which color is taking the shots. and about your new president, obama wants to ban guns for the public. so did a few other famous leaders: adolf hitler, benito mussolini, joseph stalin. wow, all dictators who also thought they could change the world!


I agree 100% with you Andy, first of all how is that racist? That’s his nationality... half of it at least. Why do you immediate think its racist, think outside of the box for a change. I think it represents more on how he is pro immigration and signs off on bailout bills that support illegal immigrants, and since he originates from that sort of back ground it was the appropriate image for these non PC e-mail.


My mistake, I dont agree with Andy I agree with ur all dumbtards. Andy's one of the dumbtards that voted for this hopeless mess we have for a President.

Concerned American

I think Americans need to get over the stupid stuff and worry more about what is happening under their noses. Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe the Government keeps stuff like this (racism) stirring which in return takes the focus off of what is really happening? Look... United we stand Divided we fall. Diversity has killed this nation. WE as Americans, I mean real born Americans better wake up to what is happening. Gun Control, Bank Control, College Loan control.....Do you not see the picture here? CONTROL...Do you want to worry about stupid emails or do you want to stand together and keep your Freedom? Wake up America!!!!!!

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