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August 25, 2008



Still would like to have seen him take HRC, just to shut people up. But the reality is, everyone would have complained no matter who he picked.

Anything short of "Jesus is my running mate" would have had detractors.


I get your point. So maybe it isn't so bad? Having foot in mouth disease may work to his favor.

Manny Stevens

You could say Biden is a character, andyou'd be right. You could also call him rough around the edges.

I agree with Jason that HRC would have been the most winning move. I hope that Biden can speak with middle class whites.

HRC needs to put 100% into getting Obama elected. Everyone expects her to make a nice speech tonight, but if she doesn't campaign with him and go the extra mile, she really won't be doing anything to convert her diehard voters. I don't really expect her to do that b/c I believe she really doesn't want him to win. But hey, I'm no mindreader.

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