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July 29, 2008


Finding Dates

I'm a white woman dating a fairly dark-skinned Hispanic. Initially I noticed a lot of stares (and store employees glaring at him as though he might steal something). But after a while I stopped caring and stopped noticing. This type of racism is not gonna go away anytime soon unfortunately.

anna(african american singles site)jones

This is an interesting point - I run a black dating site, just for black couples, and large numbers of people are meeting there - but I do know the niche online dating sites for interracial couples also do well. So I guess im saying it really doesnt matter - everyone to their own and life is too short - enjoy

Kenneth Black

Family has a huge role to play in emotional development as well. If you are born in a family with many interracial marriages, it wouldn't be suprising that you lean that way.

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