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June 27, 2008



What immediately comes (no pun intended) to mind for me is that I can't think of more than maybe two or three times in my entire life when I haven't had an orgasm while having sex. I would have thought the same holds true for most guys, but maybe I'm wrong. So, I would have thought that about 50% would be the bare (again, no pun intended) minimum percentage of folks who achieve orgasm every time. Damn! The Chinese must be some kind of crummy f***s!


Hey Suldog -
Nice puns silly. Yeah I was surprised by the stat too, and for the same reason you were. I'm thinking the low number for China might be deeper than we even realize - perhaps rooted in history/cultural norms. But I don't know much about Chinese culture... in any case, the issue is definitely something that I'd be interested in finding out more about.

gorgeous black women

I might need to take a little trip to Italy myself.

I can think of an entire fleet of jokes revolving around this chart but I will keep my mouth shut.

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