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June 04, 2008



Oh these past 24 hours have been delicious! Black nominee. McCain and his line-green speech to no one. And Jimmy Carter says "picking Hillary as your VP would be SO lame. SO lame!"

I swear its like Christmas in June.

Cam Beck

Well -

1. Understanding that we have the freedom to associate with whom we choose, why McCain didn't speak to a more diverse audience is perhaps is less a question for McCain than it is for people of all hues who decided against attending the speech.

Certainly they know an election is going on, right? Are they not interested in what the candidates have to say before deciding on for whom they will vote?

Substantively, what is it exactly that he said that you think conflicts with values *specific* to those people who didn't attend?

If the answer is "nothing," then why does the Democratic Party attract 90-some percent of votes from certain segments of our society?

2. I'm not fond of any of the main candidates, but McCain is quite a bit different from Bush, and not in all the good ways. On the plus side, they both see the strategic value of coming to a positive conclusion to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. However, it's perfectly valid to question whether we should trust either them to execute it according to fundamentally sound principles.

Sadly, the Dim nominees are far worse on the issue, since they don't perceive the very real threat that resulted in the deaths of 3,000 of our people - of many races, creeds, religions, etc. - on Sept. 11 (and who continue to covet and substantively work towards our deaths to this day).

3. No doubt McCain's confusing message has to do with his constant shifts in pandering to different audiences (Dims and Pubbies). At least Obama and Clinton pander to only the Dims.

Even so, none of them rest their arguments on completely consistent principle, except, sadly, their own respective political advancements. This is the state of political affairs in this country, and it's not specific to candidates or political parties.

We do need a change, but none of the prime candidates truly represents the one we need.


Actually there are 800,000 white people who depend on New orleans for their daily lives or central city. That is compared to about 450,000 blacks, and like 130,000 hispanics since katrina. Get your info right.

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