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June 09, 2008



youtube is my favorite channel, seriously.

I just finished watching hours and hours of soldiers in Iraq having fun:

And the shocking:


YouTube Sweeper (YouTube Bulk Download,Upload and Video Convertion SOftware):

Dear Friends,

First shot I would like to give a crisp introduction about me before I get into the software explanation part of it. Am velrajan living in Bournemouth,UK earning my bread as a senior software engineer for a well known finance firm.Here I come to explain about a software which i have developed out of my own interest which would be very fruitful to us "the youtube lovers".

Am damn sure that we guys have got our patience tested on uploading/downloading youtube videos one by one through the youtube browser(any other software).Here comes my software which will give a solution to have your own time and overcome all the pains undertaken to up/download videos at one single shot. Am confident enough that you people would have never come across any software which would provide you with the combined facility to upload/download youtube videos in bulk.

Also,we will be having an option to dowload the videos in formats that will be suitable for Flash Player,IPod,Windows Player,QuickTime player and DVD from youtube.Choose whichever format you need to download the video.

Many Thanks,
Velrajan T.
Email: [email protected]

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