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May 30, 2008



Well, I wouldn't dare to add any, seeing as I'm not the right skin type to have had any directed at me. I can, however, somewhat identify with your (insert any light-skinned Black actress’ name here)comment.

Having red hair - which I did, but not so much now that I'm an old fart - comes with it's own peculiar identification things. For instance, whenever I was with anyone else with red hair, it was automatically assumed that the person I was with was a relative. If it was a guy my age, he was my brother. A woman, my sister, etc. Since I'm an only child, this was always a good laugh.

Also, lots of folks think that any comparison with some famous person with red hair is spot on. Folks would say, for instance, that I looked like Ron Howard. Not for my money, but hey, whatever floats your boat.


Hey Suldog -
Obviously all redheads are somehow related to each other AND to Ron Howard - everyone knows that! So funny. I love finding little shared cross-culture experiences like this


Gosh, I hate the whole stereotyping thing but understand why it happens (ignorance, lack of exposure, categories make life simple...[though applied to skin color is just plain retarded]).
Come to think of it, I don't like the idea of being a 'white' male. Far too vague for me - nuff said.

Ron Newman

“Where are you from?” Me: “Philly.” Person: “No, like, originally?”

(hangs head in shame) I know I've done that occasionally, when I hear an accent that sounds very non-American, and expect that the answer might be something like "Russia" or "Turkey".

Manny Stevens

Sally's always saying: "You go girl!" while "raising the roof" to mainstream hip-hop tracks at cheesy bars. That's fun! I relate to that.


Ha! My husband is half white, half Asian, and he's gotten the where are you "FROM" thing too...people usually don't pick up on the fact that he's half Asian and they think it's Hispanic, or Eskimo or something like that. They're inevitably disappointed to find out he's from Los Angeles.

Lovely Lady Luxe

I'm African American...Because of my long hair I used to always have people question "my race" or "where I'm from". And surprisingly, it was often other African Americans! It's funny... the comments that strangers have the audacity to make to your very face and think it's acceptable... I don't get offended bc this ignorance has nothing to do with me. For me, I feel the best cure to this ignorance is not judgement, but information.


"You have all the best Black features. Just like Beyoncé"

Black people who say things like this are idiots. Alot of black people have such inferiority complexes.
I don't hang around alot of black people other than my family but when i do they always say somethng out of line or put down natural hair or features. I am always ready to come back with an educated response. I love being natural and setting an example for black girls.

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