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May 27, 2008


Nat Boyle

Nice. Keep it up Ryan.


Gotta love how this kind of talk has become acceptable. Thankfully it seems like Olbermann's "can't forgive her for this" rant is getting lots of circulation.


For some reason I couldn't breath while watching Olbermann's Special Comment... it was just so damn intense. I should include it in this post. Some think it was too much - what did you think?

Manny Stevens

I just watched these - what kind of humor is this? Let's kill the Black Democratic Nominee? Shame on Fox! Shame on Huckabee!

And Hillary, the reason the world wants you to drop out is b/c you have no way of winning. You're just wasting everyone's time. Nice to know that you're keeping your fingers crossed.

C. Tyler

The first person who came to mind after hearing Clintons’ RFK comment was Michelle Obama. I'm guessing her stomach hit the floor.

Susan Power was absolutely right. She is a monster.

How does any parent or spouse absorb the subtext of what was said and not dive into a kind of permanent, all consuming mania? To know that her husbands chief opponent prays that someone puts a headstone in the way of his ambition is ... exquisitely sickening.

But it helps clarify the real need to keep the Clintons from taking center stage in our national politics. As was said after World War I should be said of this terribly dysfunctional tandem: never again.

I do wonder though, is this enough to turn the stomachs of her staunch supporters? And if not this, what?

If some unforeseen turn of events allowed her to take the nomination (and I would wish that such a turn also allowed Michelle Obama to have a living, breathing Husband and his daughters a living, breathing Father afterward), would the folks still carrying her water really want her in office?

Does anyone really want four years like the last five months? Packed on top of the last eight years?

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