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May 20, 2008



Wow. Amazing post Ryan. I've been troubled also by how the media has been portraying the democratic election... if Obama wins, it means America is sexist. If Hillary wins, then America is racist. Ugh. This line of thinking really confuses and upsets me.

Now that Obama is the presumptive nominee, and as a Hillary supporter, I'm very annoyed with the argument that she lost because of sexism. That's such a cop-out. I agree Hillary needs to look within her campaign and figure out what exactly went wrong without looking for scapegoats that, like you pointed out, aren't even based on reality.


Terrific post. I'm just totally worn out by these women who keep crying sexism. I'm an old lady and fought for women's rights when it was alledged we burned our bras. And we didn't consider ourselves victims then and I'm appalled these crybabies have turned themselves into victims this year. We struggled to get power and I think in many cases we've won that power.

Any woman that says she will vote for McCain is a complete asshat and not a Democrat in my estimation.

Los Angelista

Hey Ryan, Just checking to see how your summer's going. Hope all is well for you.

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