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May 15, 2008


Lois Kelly

Here’s a snippet for “My Marketing Tragedy” section:

“If I visualize what happened it looks like a cemetery. Each gravestone a big, exciting idea on how to talk about an issue, a trend, a company that was stillborn…In the end, all dead ideas, never seeing the light of day because of my mistake. I forgot to burn down the obstacles.”

Tammy Lenski

Hi, Ryan - Great idea to gather these together and whet people's appetites. It's been fun to read through them. Here's my snippet:

"Conversations are messy. And in that messiness is richness for you to mine, if you’re paying attention. Conflict doesn’t escalate and get out of control because people disagree, it escalates because people stop learning and start telling."

karl turley

Connected, converged, efficient, e-mail me, poke me, message me, search me, phone me, TXT me, contact me 24/7. Living life in the conversation fast lane. I am judged in work and play by my ability to communicate, the size of my social network, my ability to respond at any time from anywhere.

Jeff Wallace

Here's mine, Ryan!!

Jeff Wallace

Just as experts predicted that computers would bring about the paperless office, so too have experts prophesized how online communications would cultivate a more detached, impersonal world. I'd suggest, however, that the impersonal nature of communicating via the internet has become ever so personal in today’s digitally connected world.

Steve Portigal

Thanks for doing this!

To reveal the undiscovered, the first thing to do is look. Go where something is happening, and watch.

Jasmin Tragas

"It’s easy for people to talk and connect – when the boss is not around. Establishing a culture of trust is essential before ideas can naturally flourish in the Enterprise."

Francis Anderson

And these days, when a client or fellow executive says “Why use Social Media?” (in any of its manifestations), it’s not enough to say “Why Not?”

Sean Scott

My Tease on the theme of Business Models

"To solve for 'wickedness', agencies will have to start speaking in a new language of engagement frameworks and architectures (EF+A), not ads and/or campaigns. "

Piet Wulleman

Here's my Tease:

What we need is not less Conversation, but a better idea on how Conversations can work for our brand.

El Gaffney

On Keeping Secrets in the AoC:

"I was just about to schedule a meeting to talk to my boss about my recent breakup. It was going to be at noon. Relationship status should always be discussed after client status and before lunch."

Cool idea. Gracias.

andy nulman

Much appreciated, Ryan! You are da bombinest. Here's my quaint little excerpt:

"Jesus Christ, NOBODY’S READING THIS! You’re all somewhere else! Checking out those bigger names who have glommed onto this project now that it has some heat, I bet."


Hi Ryan,

Love that you're doing this! Great idea!

Here's mine:

"“Oh no, Mommy’s driving and twittering at the same time,” has oft been shrieked with fear by my children aged 8 and 12."


“We suspect an unauthorized transaction on your account. To ensue that your account is not compromised, please click on the link below and confirm your identity.”

Matt J McDonald

"And all of a sudden, I wasn’t the person that really mattered anymore. I wasn’t flying solo. I had become i."

Matt Moore

"People are their secrets. And the more people you tell you their secrets the less of them there is. And maybe they don't even tell their secrets to themselves. Don't expose me to the pitiless gaze of my own superego. I want to be swaddled in ignorance."

Greg Verdino

Ryan - you are shameless. ;-) I've written a post that presents a snippet. Feel free to pull mine into your excerpts page:

Doug Mitchell

snip snip.
Tomorrow's business leaders are more comfortable in a digital cone of silence than we thirty-something's and beyond. I've caught myself saying, "These darn kids today just can't communicate!" after which I pause to ensure I'm not wearing dark blue dress socks with loafers and Bermuda shorts. (So far so good).

Zane Safrit

"without engaging my Queen". That's an excellent phrase!

Ryan Rasmussen

From "A Trail of Digital Breadcrumbs" ->AoC2
Collaborative Ideation

" .. every observable action is an artifact of who we are and how we interact with the world. By making public our hearts and minds in the language of shared data, we have the potential to not only interact with the present; we may at some point converse with the future."

Tim Brunelle


Thanks for doing this! Here's my snippet:

"Why does business struggle in the Age of Conversation? Probably because the business models they’re laboring to uphold blind them, and limit their ability to imagine and to act."



Chris Brown

Connect with your People: Some call it your tribe, your audience, your cohorts, your group. What is your area of interest? Look for opportunities to help others. Bookmark the blog sites you like to read. Better yet, subscribe in a “Feed Reader” which allows you to easily see when your favorite blogs have been updated. Start to comment by asking a question, adding to the conversation.

Ed Brenegar

Here's a snippet from my AoC offering.

"Questions are the life-blood of conversation."

My blog is called Leading Questions because I see the value in asking questions every day. This morning in a client meeting, we are starting a project where we assume that we don't have any answers, so we asked questions. The result of the meeting was far better than we thought it would be going in.

I'm always asking four questions: What is our Impact? Who are we Impacting? What Opportunities does our Impact create? and What problems have we created that makes it difficult to fulfill our opportunities?

This is partly why I see questions as the lifeblood of conversation.

Thanks Ryan for hosting these snippets. They are great!

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