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February 17, 2008


Beth Murphy

Ryan - thank you so much for coming to our screening. Your question about the film title is one I'm normally asked during Q&A. But for some reason, it didn't come up last night, so I wanted to share this Huffington Post entry I wrote about it: "Beyond Belief: What's in a title?"


Hi Beth -
Thanks for your comment. The HuffPo article provides great insight into your thoughts on the title. I found the three instances from the film that you cited in the post absolutely beyond belief as well. And, just for the record, I'm a huge fan of "b" alliteration... the words just seem to reverberate on your lips and stay with you.


I also want to include this snippet from an email I received from cinematographer Sean Flynn, concerning the title:

"The film was originally called simply "Beyond the 11th" and the title change happened partly because we wanted to distinguish it from the organization itself and partly because we wanted to avoid the reference to 9/11, which we felt wouldn't do the film justice and might alienate potential viewers (since it's really about much more than 9/11). We settled on "Beyond Belief" because it seemed to convey our reaction to what Susan and Patti were doing, as well as Susan and Patti's reaction to their loss and the plight of widows in Afghanistan. And I suppose on another level it could be a reference the transcendence of the old belief systems that tell us we are fundamentally different from other people in the world because of race, religion or nationality."

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