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January 23, 2008



Thank you so much for this post! I am new to Boston (from Texas) and I have been having trouble finding someone to do my hair. I have been thinking about coloring my hair for a while now but I had the same concerns you had. I agree that African American stylist are better at styling our hair but they are not the best when it comes to color. As a matter of fact, most AA stylist I know use color from a box just like us non-professionals. I think the difference is that they lack the training in coloring that most high-end salons require. On the other hand, my concern with the high-end salons is that they don't have enough experience with AA hair texture or relaxed hair. They always do amazing color but I questioned if they could achieve the same results on my hair type (thick, coarse, dark & relaxed). So you have an excellent idea to find a stylist who is experienced with both. I want to go dark red (maybe something cinnamon) so I will definetly have to give Ms. Jesse a call. Thanks for the info! :-)


Sorry if I sound shallow but you are very beautiful


Can you recommend a natural hair care stylist in Boston? I want to have my hair twisted. I live in Rhode Island and I thought of going to Khamit Kinks in NYC but the logistics of getting there and back on public transportation (within a certain time frame) is mind-boggling!



A stylist in Boston?? I used to live in Providence (I currently live in Worcester..yea! and am a Jersey transplant) but still drive down ever 6 weeks to have my hair styled by the best hair dresser I have ever had. She is half-white/half-puerto rican. I have always had bad luck with black hair dressers and trying to find one in New England is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! I'll definitely have to give G20 a's always good to have a back-up! :-)


Have you heard of Monica Todd Salon or Simply Erinn's in Boston. I'm looking for a good press and curl, thanks,

Le Safir...

Beauty School

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