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January 16, 2008


David Reich

I'm looking forward to AOC Round 2. In the list of authors, you made a sidenote that I'm a Boston blogger.

I love Boston -- I have family there, both my kids went to college there, I (secretly) rooted for the Sox vs. the Yankees. But I'm very much a New York blogger. Born and raised in Mount Vernon, 15 miles north of midtown, and I've worked in NY City all my career. New Yorker through and through.

C.B. Whittemore

Ryan, very cool! Thanks for getting the word out. I like how you have bridged old and new. Hope to see you at Blogger Social! Happy 2008!


@David - Oops, sorry! I changed the sidenote :)
@C.B. - Yep, I'll see you at Blogger Social. Can't wait!

mindblob - Luc Debaisieux

Hi Ryan,

Definitely an exciting perspective indeed. And so is BS08... where (YES!)... we are finally going to meet!
; )

Becky Carroll

Thanks for promoting the new project, Ryan! I think they are open to other ideas, too... :-)

Arun Rajagopal

Hey Ryan:
Awesome post! See you at BS'08 and again in AOC 2.0 - another awesome way to reconnect this new year!

Manny Stevens



Hi Ryan, first time here and I'll be back! Look forward to meetin ya. Greetings from So Cal :D

Anna Farmery

Don't you just love it when you get to connect with people and also help to achieve something good in the world at the same time :) Cool project that I love being part of...

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