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December 21, 2007



I think you've got the chops to compete. And better yet, I think you can blaze a trail yourself and blindside the "blog establishment" of the boys' club. I'm sure loads of people find your blog, and other women's, for that matter, more relevant than Arrigton's. It all depends on how you look at things. TechCruch really means absolutely nothing to me. My head is somewhere else--my blog aspirations point in a completely different direction.

I love reading about Jamie Lynn Spears, btw.


Why give the A-listers who also happen to be douchebags the satisfaction of complaining about them? There are plenty of other blogging opportunities and avenues that don't involve self-referential circle jerks of male technoweenies.


What are you, yourself promoting?

You skipped over the comments of the one and only woman involved in this.

Think about it.


@Adam -
I'm past the complaint... onto query. The question is, where does a woman's voice fit within this "boy's club" blogosphere? Must women typecast themselves in order to maintain a successful blog?

@Shelley -
The quote is just a paraphrase of the argument. Originally, I was only going to post Arrington's comment, but I had to put it into context. No "myself" promoting here.

Lori Magno

Ryan: You ask the tough questions before the holiday! Women have the same place in the "boys club of the blogosphere" as we do in the corporate workplace. We work hard, we show ourselves worthy to clients and co-workers and we make our way up the foodchain. A few "lucky" bastards will jump several rungs for being in the right place at the right time - but time (and the Internets) will find them out. Stay true to yourself, that is your place (each of our places) in the blogosphere.

Rebecca Thorman

There were 4 women on the Forbes top 25 bloggers.

Women on the web are consistent to where women are in the real world.

Thanks for the thought-provoking post.

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