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November 26, 2007



Gee, I'm white and the candidate's race IS a consideration for me as well. In fact, I think, personally, I'll endorse and vote for Hillary instead. She's white like I am.

The hypocrisy coming out of the black community on issues of race is utterly nauseating.


Hi Susan - I think you're attempting sarcasm, but you forgot to make a point. Please clarify.

Manny Stevens

I have never heard of anyone say "I'm voting for Obama b/c he is black and so am I". In fact, much of the black community is voting for Clinton.

Here's the real hypocrisy: When white celebs support white candidates, does anyone call them a racist?

Is Madonna racist or sexist for supporting Hillary. Was Ben Affleck a White Supremacist for supporting John Kerry, or Robert DeNiro a bigot for supporting Al Gore.

Oprah knew she was going to hear this crap from simple-minds. Fortunately, she's big enough to be above it.


I think its rediculous to say Obama has free ride from media. I see this every election media comes out with juicy story on eve of election to see if the can affect the election, as theres no time to respond to made up acusations! The clintons winned about media when running aginst Republicans.They do every race cuse it works!!

The guy in court comes out monday even though every one knew well in advance about court date and could of ran it on friday or when Obama talked about it on national televishion.

I dont know Hillary middle names, dont know her pastors name, never see pics in different kinds of dress, dont know her taxes, dont know alot of things about her that Obamas had to defend.
Now we have Hillary saying obama talked free trade with canadians the retoric, when all involved says the retoric part not true, she still comes out and says its true, whos truth full all involved or Hillary? Well then if its not true what does that make Hillary?

Also she is at the point of building up Republicans to try and trash obama. I would of voted for either untill yesterday.
We so need a Obama to turn the page on the 1800s and power hungry say anything do anything, fear, sadness not to unite, but to win. I belive Hillary would rather see Obama get trashed by Her, George, John, and Bill and divide the party then do what's right already and the whole lot of them can move on and get a life and get out of ours.

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