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November 01, 2007


Sparky McFatFat

You know... I listened to that tape once... and I didn't come away with the impression that he had actually called anyone the N word. But when I listened again... yes, yes he did.

I think this is a strange sort of case. Kind of the semi-passive racism that can be more insidious than the outright bold faced hatred kind. What would be interesting, is for him to speak more about this candidly in an open forum so that we can see better into his head. Dig a little deeper than one 3 minute conversation.

Not that I think he would redeem himself.. but I think more dialog is better.


Career over? Pppfff. He will be more successful than ever. See Don Imus.


Sticks and stones may break your bones, but apparently words will destroy your whole damn career!

I guess Dog Chapman isn’t entitled to have a bad day, get upset and say something stupid, or otherwise be a human being.

Let's be honest; we're all capable of such screw-ups. And it's pretty obvious by the fact he was taped in such a sneaky fashion, that it was all a set-up by his no-good son!

But hell, Dog's had it so easy since Mexico tried to extradite him, he was thrown in prison, his daughter was killed, etc. etc. Why not finish the job that Mexico couldn't? Let's back his punk son, and take this man down! NOT!!

After all those thousands of captures, all the people he has saved, and all the work he did to become famous and successful, including all the trials he faced in the Year Of The Dog, he's now fighting for his life once again!!

But my question to his detractors is; how many of you people who are condemning him for his ill-thought words, have uttered the very same ones in private? In a private conversation with a family member, as he thought he was doing! Imagine if you had been ILLEGALLY taped without your knowledge?

I have thought it over, and I've decided that I will be sticking by the Dog. I really think his anger got the better of him, and countless heroic acts and good deeds should not all be erased by one bad day.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!



NightHunter, he is so self-righteous when he himself is nothing but a deadbeat ex-con just like the people he captures.

I have bad days and while I might say offensive things that I mean somewhat to individuals, I have more than 2 brain cells to rub together to form a thought so I don't need to reduce myself to racial slurs. His rant wasn't in anger. He used the word "n-----" interchangeably with "black" many times in that 8 minute conversation WHILE discussing how he didn't want people to think he's a racist because he uses the word! I know. If you don't want to lose your career, stop using the term.

Ryan, at least one of his 13+ kids with various baby mamas is biracial. I'm guessing she is one of the many who had to fight him for child support that she's still waiting for. As for his son, he was just released after a 20 year drug sentence that he didn't finish serving so I'm not quite sure what a winner he is. The girlfriend needs to find a decent man and leave this trashy family to self-destroy.

David Spates

That is messed up how Dog was going off like that with the n word. I put up a video showing how I feel about the whole thing. It has some extra footage of this bull…._and the story of how he became a bounty hunter. The video is called “ Dog Duane Chapman Bounty Hunter "N" Word - Talking With Dave #4”. It’s at
My videos are kind of…. Different.

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