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November 19, 2007



It's only a matter of time before the Valley wakes up and realizes The Emperor No Clothes.

Or in this case, Jester is a prick.


Do you believe posting this account places you in a different league than Michael? Do you treat everyone who is rude to you with this same response? Do you post about everyone who does not like you? How is this action honorable? Is this post kindness or bitterness on your part?


Kindness - Let me try to fill in your questionnaire.

1) Yes 2) Sometimes 3) No 4) Speakin' up against the goliath is always honorable. Especially when the goliath in question needs a wake-up call. 5) Kindness or bitterness, those are my only options? Well then, this post is definitely... eh... kindness. Yes. Kindness all the way.


Let's remember this is the person who is representing the technology industry in front of the presidential candidates. I wonder what all the media would think if they saw all the articles and blog posts about who he really is.


While I may have reason to agree with your opinions on Arrington's attitude, I don't agree with one of your responses to the writer of the pseudonym Kindness.

1) Regardless of if you feel you may be in a different (and by implication "higher") league than Arrington is, his words, despite being mired in mediocrity, are often used as sources for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washinton Post, etc, etc, ad infinitum. Morality, unfortunately, rarely has any serious part to play in the world of big business; Arrington's position in high tech society can attest to that.

I have met the man on more than a few occasions. I do not count him a personal friend, but I've done my share of shots with him. In order to understand him, you need to understand a little more about the nature of the boy's club that exists out here in the valley. He's a grown up frat boy hanging out with his brothers. And while that personality type may not be everyone's cup of tea, it works for him.

How do I know it works for him? Well, it's gotten him this far. Who knows where he'll be tomorrow? Maybe, as you suggest, his personality will be his downfall. But then again, there are plenty of people at the top who (in my humble opinion) just aren't nice people. And there are plenty of people at the bottom who just don't deserve to be there.

Alas, 'tis the world we live in.

Can someone pass me another jello shot? I'm fresh out over here...


There are more and more stories about how crappy this guy is, especially to women.

Here's one from a few months ago from a woman who attended his TechCrunch convention.

In this more recent post, she agrees with some other people who have been calling him sexist.


From what I have heard he has expressed racist views in the past and this may have had something to do with his reaction. Totally uncool.

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