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November 14, 2007


amin 4.0

His so-called "establishment" is exactly as its name states...a gypsey operation!!

Long live sneakers! haha


Notice how the owner feels the need to 'blame the media' -- your blog -- at the end of his apology. Public humilitation -- shame, if you will -- is precisely what sparked his reply. And it's what will create postive change if he is being genuine. Makes me want to come up there to Boss-Town just to find out!

The Missus

Yeah.. Gypsy Bar seems to be a bit of a "jerk" place. I have avoided it as much as possible.

On a side note, I see that you work at Digitas. I think you may have my old job copywriting. I left in January to do search marketing.


Did you see Knocked Up? This reminds me of the scene where the bouncer pulls the girl aside and tells her he can't let her in because she's too old. And then he goes on to explain the door policy: only 10% blacks, etc...

I'm sure that's what Gypsy does too.


Will the shoe nazis make an exception for someone with an injury? Last year I sprained an ankle and was basically forced to wear nothing but sneakers for a very long time. I wonder if Gypsy Bar would've denied me entry? (Especially back when I limped around with one foot in a walking cast, the other in a sneaker.)

Derek McCarthy

In this day of $200 Diesel Disco Sneakers, there's often a fine line between sneakers and shoes. It seems that if you spend a lot of money on sneakers at a Newbury Street Shop, they'll let you in.

I happened to be at Gypsy Bar as well last Saturday night and while no one in my group was wearing sneakers, I find the doorstaff to be unreasonably hostile. It was the typical meathead power trip stuff "you tellin me how to do my job?!" that I expect and Rumor / Venu / Mantra / Avalon but don't expect at Gypsy Bar & Liquor Store. We would've left, but were going to a friend's bday. Gypsy Bar will take the same course as Avalon if their staff doesn't learn how to treat their customers.

My friends and I don't plan to go to Gypsy Bar or Liquor Store in the near future. We're sick of the lack of hospitality in Boston's "hospitality" industry. We're headin to Cambridge, and encourage readers to do the same.


Someone should complain to the City's Licensing Board next time this happens. Enough complaints may jeopardize their liquor and or entertainment license.


im that israeli guy.

im not going to talk about the idea that they wouldnt let me in because of my origins because i am still kind of new in the states and it was first time in Boston so i still dont think that i can judge in that matter.

i want to talk about something else.
first of all i find it odd to implement dressing code on shoes, especially in a club when everyone is dancing, who looks at shoes in a place like that?!

second im not the manager of the club and it not up to me to set the rules but in this case i think that they were wrong. i didnt brought any shoes except sneakers with me and im a guest from israel. i believe that they should have been much more flexible, in my point of view to send a tourist that his friends decided to take him to your club back home to change shoes is wrong.

i know for sure that im not going to recommend my friends that plan to come to Boston about this place.

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