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October 23, 2007


amin 4.0

Damn, based off those photo's, I'd have to say Philly folks are fly in any weather!


May I please have one of you delivered to San Francisco? Express service please.



Uh, I want to wash my feet just looking at the girl on the toilet. With bleach.


Audrey -
In Philly, the toilets are extraordinarily clean as well...


Your dad's hot.

the communist

Due to the fact that i live in philly, i know that our people are the hottest natural people in the country. Not to sound ignorant or something, the people in southern Jersey where I was born; 40 miles from my current home are incredible people to live within 10 miles of a nuclear power plant, not recieve medicine for radiation poisoning and still be brave enough to live there. I'm talking about my homies over in Bridgeton, NJ. It is best place to live in other than philly and Los Angelos


I think your Mom's pretty hot too.



I'd say both of my parents have got it goin' on!


Hot mom + hot dad = little hottie Ryan

marissa kotts

i lived in philly for 5 yrs. the people in these photos are probably not even from here. philadelphians pride themselves in not leaving philly (ever), not knowing anything about any other cultures, not going to the resteraunts and museums around them and being some of the most uneducated people around.

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