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October 11, 2007



As racist as I know that comment is, in reality, that is the general mentality in corporate America but no one says it. The key to advancement seems to be assimilation, at least when you're on the bottom rungs. If there were many black women in the higher positions, this would be different. It's hard enough to find a black or female mentor on top, let alone both together. I came to Boston to job hunt with the intention of keeping my hair natural. I relaxed it 2 weeks after coming here out of frustration. I went on yelp and called everyone I found there to get it straightened with heat and the general response was "we don't work with THAT texture.'" I ended up going to a Brazilian place though it was no match for the humidity. Maybe if I ever live in LA...


Interesting post..

If it helps at all, Audrey... there is a website that lists businesses in all the neighborhoods in the area. You could probably find a great hair salon there.

It is really helpful when you need to find something local.


Doing some research and came across this post and I know I'm late on this but...

Your boyfriend's comment is perplexing. "...when worn with dignity" What does that mean? Unless I am misunderstanding something that is a sort of sound bite taken from the context of a larger more critical analysis of the issue, I'm (I'd be) suspect. Further "It's a black pride thing..." Yikes. Good Luck!


Im late too :-D Only because I haven't read Glamour in a while and this issued was addressed in the letters to the editor. Apparently, one black woman (Sirsi Millicent: likely not her real name) agreed with Ashley's comments. This really isn't surprising to me. You tend to get more backlash from black people than from whites when you go natural. I think they're just jealous that they had to fry n' dye to get their promotions, and we don't. Sucks to be you Sirsi ;-D


carter and clinton speak STANDARD AMERICAN ENGLISH with a southern ACCENT.

'accent' and 'dialect' are NOT synonyms.

"he be late." is grammatically incorrect and announces to the world that the speaker is a MORON. the fact that many black people are morons, doesn't give ebonics legitimacy in the workplace.

c'mon. you can't really be that stupid, can you?


"mobama" -
I would have responded to this comment directly, but apparently you are too cowardly to comment with a real e-mail address.

African-American Vernacular English is in fact a rule-governed dialect. Don’t believe me? Ask a linguist.

I’ll refrain from commenting on your overt, sickening racism. I’d advise that you turn off your television and get some perspective. That’s really all I have to say to you. Ever.

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