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September 21, 2007



This is really not funny.


Sister, read news articles closely, will ya? You're missing the point. Big time.


Neither is strapping a fake bomb to your chest and prancing around Logan Airport. But "person," thanks for your splendid anonymous comment - accompanied by email address "f*," no less. You get an A for creativity.


Hmm, person2, I'd love to understand the point of walking into Logan with a small circuit board (or, as she puts it, an art project for career day) attached to your chest. Please enlighten me. Seriously! ;)

Grant Withers

I'm posting as myself, with a mail I will check but could afford to lose if you abuse.

I'd like to begin the conversation with a personal attack ok? You are a moron Ryan. The girl might not be the best n brightest at coming up with art ideas, but lets be honest, she's at MIT what do you expect? Guess what my first art project as a EE was. Go on, guess. Could it have been the only thing I've been studying about for the past year? Grats to you if you guessed that it was! In my case I made a little house and critters out of a substrate and chips. So she made a light circuit with some play doe. Which btw, I haven't seen the video showing how stupid and nonthreatening such a thing would look. Maybe it wasn't the best thing to go pickup her bf with it on, but you've gotta go where you've gotta go during the day.

Somehow I doubt she was even holding the doe in her hands at the airport. They all freaked out over the circuit. Which does not appear to be a bomb anymore than a flashlight to someone that has an ounce of tech knowledge.

Grats to most of the country being ignorant of the modern world and what makes it tick.

I hope she gets a hell of a settlement with the gov. on this one.


This reeks of mental illness. She's an MIT student. Bipolar people are generally highly intelligent but they do stupid things when it's not diagnosed or untreated. Unfortunately, people ignore the years of early signs.

You're looking at it from a mentally healthy person's point of view. It's obviously ridiculously stupid but in her mind, it was probably just an art project.


All of you defenders of great artistic expression should put your money where your mouth is... Make your own Electro Explodo Fashion statement and show up at the airport. Now that this situation has been publicized, security will be ready. Apparently they need some good target practice. Just think of the blood splatter as the finishing touch to your artistic masterpiece.


Hi Grant –
First of all, I would never abuse any commenter’s email address. I usually like to thank a commenter for stopping by via email. But thanks for not posting with a phony address containing a four letter word - I greatly appreciate it.

Second, I would expect a hell of a lot more, well maybe not more common sense but sense nonetheless, from a girl who was accepted into MIT. She of all people should know that circuit boards resemble bombs. And in the city of Boston, the origin of the attacks, you simply can’t walk into the airport with a device that in any way looks like a bomb. I’m sorry if that’s moronic to you, Grant, but unfortunately that's the bottom line.

In any case, I won't speak to your "personal attack" and truly moving biography.

All the Best,

Grant Withers

"She of all people should know that circuit boards resemble bombs. And in the city of Boston, the origin of the attacks, you simply can’t walk into the airport with a device that in any way looks like a bomb."

No, I of all people, as well as anyone else that ever took eng 101 should know the difference in what a bomb has been shown countless times on tv as looking like, and what a breadboard with some wires and probably led's and capacitors/resistors looks like. Now apparently it's been found out that it wasn't even dough at all, it was part of paint from the shirt. Guess what, I should be allowed to walk where ever I please without a bomb attached to me. Someone's holding s suitcase they must have a bomb! Someone's wearing shoes they must have a shoe bomb! Someone has a small razor blade, they must be going to take over an entire plane filled with able bodied, and fully capable of defending themselves, adults and crash it into a building! Alright, you may have a point to stop razors from being on there, but in all seriousness, the jackoffs that let dudes take over a plane because they had a razor blade I hope are recounting their cowardice in whatever afterlife they're having.

You don't arrest someone in this country because they have something on that could possibly look like a bomb because you're a moron.

Let me say that again so that maybe it'll ring a little truer for you.

The police in this country, boston or not, should be disallowed from detaining anyone with a device that they cannot ascertain the function of or find out about it by asking.

Bottom line to this is, if the police are too stupid to tell what a bomb is or is not, then they are not allowed to detain the person beyond an examination and questioning. Certainly not arrest. I've heard they did this maybe as a way of showing force and coercing the rest of the population to be careful about things like this, I hope the figure out that all this is doing is highlighting the bad decisions made as to how much security is appropriate in this country.

Osama called and he says good game America. He just owned our face in a game of international terrorism and will continue to do so for a long time because of people like you. Stop being tools for him please.

Defending the police in a matter like this, I can't believe people would do this. It was an honest mistake on the police's part at best, a horrid show of our police drawing very powerful weapons on innocent citizenry and threatening their life at worst. And the police haven't apologized yet to support the theories that it was firmly in the first category.

Your side of the discussion, "that she should know better" has no grounds except that you expect everyone in this country to bend over and be Osama's bitch because he blew up a tower in New York. I hope you like Arab guys Ryan, because you're getting screwed by one every day you, and your fellow citizens, and your government, don't get over his acts of TERRORISM. Upper cased in the hopes that you will go look up the word and start understanding what the point behind doing it is.

What she should do, as a matter of fact what she did, was to live her life as if she hasn't been changed as a person by the attacks of 9/11. You remember Bush's speech the next day after that? He said we weren't going to allow this to change us as people. Well guess what, some people did, you and those like you, and some people did not, star and people like her.

I notice your reply mentions nothing other than "she should know better because she lives in the epicenter of the 9/11 attacks" I consider this point well addressed by the above, I consider your argument, and your entire point well trounced and shown to be laudable at best. Just delete the whole mocking blog entry and save face, get your head where it needs to be, and grow up a better person.

Also, I can send you 70 cents a day (less than 25$ a month) if it will prevent you from starving.

barnett Frankel


You do make several valid points. However, you are, unfortunatly. Pre-9/11 I think everyone would agree with you regarding civil liberties and allowing anyone to wear what they want (I don't particularly like "sagging" (as my son calls it. I think it looks stupid, but, hell, I'm a father. But, I will protest any city near me that enacts laws prohibiting anyone from wearing their clothes how they like, provided my younger son isn't subject to any T & A; These are streets, not strip joints!).

Wearing a work of art that non-EE majors might not "get" is simply asking for trouble in the post-9/11 world. Sorry, but that's how it is.

And yes, I also agree with you that we should live our lives freely. But many a smarter person than I has said that there is a cost associated with freedom. Is it worth dying in a hail of gunfire to wear a circuit board with LED's on it just to make a statement. The police were probably more frightned of dying than she was. They have reason to be. If you don't get that, nothing anyone can say will convince you otherwise until you live (or die) through some type of violent attack.

As to your attacks on the BPD, I can only imagine that you or someone you know was on the receiving end of the Boston version of justice. You do sound rather vitriolic about them.

frequent flyer

Star you may be brilliant, but lets hope this isn't your 15 minutes of fame. What a waste of genius. I would wish you luck but.......... I hesitate.


Hey Grant--So, now Star is some sort of anguished genuis who's making a stirring political statement about waning civil liberties in the ongoing wake of 9/11. YEAH, SURE!!! You're well-intentioned, no doubt, but an idiot nonetheless. Yours is a tortured defense of civil liberties because it completely abandons common sense. You argue that the police wouldn't have reacted so strongly had they watched more TV! Wow, I thought I heard it all, but that one takes the prize.


There is no "post 911". 911 did not change anything in a fundamental way. Terrorism has been there for centuries, and will be there in the future.

Star wore a name tag, for the career fair/festival she was attenting. She had worn that hood several days before, and just grabbed it when hurrying to picking up her bf at the airport. The name tag blinked in a star shape. Thats all.

Everything else only existed in the dirty minds of the onlookers. Now, policemen will be excused to be overly suspicous. But they have to keep their paranoia in check.

And what happened here is anything but that. What should have been a few polite questions became a SWAT style arrest and an invented charge - there was no hoax bomb, neither intentionaly nor otherwise.

I really wonder why Massachusetts, home of some of the most prestigious universities of the country, starts penalizing creativity and ingenuity upon display. Why so many commenters on so many blogs, in reaction to this story, despise art, have nothing but contempt for creativity, and generally wish the girl the worst. Why there is so much contempt in the public discourse for intellect, sophistication, creativity, academic achievement.


Ok, first off who straps their art project to their chest. Second off, who wears their art project strapped on their chest to the Logan airport or anywhere alse. You can never be too cautious and if YOU saw someone with a circut board on their chest you would probably wonder "what's up with that?". That would frighten most people because of all of the suicide bombing in Iraq. All in all, don't wear suspicious clothing or objects on your clothing in public


Wow, its amazing how many people forget. Even if it was obvious that it was a circuit board with battery attached and "couldnt possibly be a bomb" doesnt matter! Just the fact that she decided to make a mockery of what could be a serious situation shows that she deserved the consequences (which were what, guns pointed at her big fucking deal she complied)....I will say that if I saw that girl, as a civilian and person possibly entering that airport, I would have went up to her and asked her what the fuck was up with the wires and shit in an AIRPORT....come on! Everyone knows better than that. And Play doh....please she was asking for everything she got. Oh wait, I suppose she just happened to be playing with the play doh?! Ridiculous...just out of respect for all the people that have died over the years through crazy bombers, she should have known better than to flaunt something like that.


I think this MIT chick's real problem is her name. At first glance I thought the post was either about a cartoon character or a TV show host.


What a country of weak-kneed cowards we have become. Wetting our pants over a piece of flashing electronic jewelry? OMG!

We need to listen to William Shatner and call the “terrified ones” Namby-Pambys and Momma’s Boys, which is what really are. I’m not afraid or terrified and none of us should be.

Do you folks not understand that what the terrorists want to do is terrorize us? Everyone who is terrified is doing exactly what they want us to do. Maybe “traitor” is a better label than “scaredy-cat” for people who think we should abandon essential civil liberties because of a handful of religious fanatics?

Since 9/11 more than 250,000 Americans have died in automobile accidents. In response to something like that, we make cars more expensive due to safety designs and we make people wear seat belts. 3,000 die in a terrorist attack, so we have to go out and have nearly 4,000 of our soldiers die, make 4,000,000 Iraqis abandon their homes, and spent $1 trillion.

Oh, and BTW, exactly what prison cell or graveyard is Osama bin Laden in now?

Joseph Dunphy

"She of all people should know that circuit boards resemble bombs."

No, Ryan, they don't. As the saying goes, "you're entitled to your own opinion, but you're not entitled to your own facts.

Lori Magno

Ryan, rock on. Well said. Other People - chill out.

Much like the Adult Swim debacle in February, all of this nonsense could have been avoided if young adults took a moment to think about life from someone else's perspective. That is called "learning".

TerribleOne - the "flashing electronic jewelry" was slighly larger than your description. Tulius, very much larger than a "nametag". Take a peek Grant Withers:

The "art project" was across her entire chest. Wires, battery, circuit board. Non-threatening, unless you understand simple bomb making. Pure genius. I don't wish the girl ill, I wish her well, and wellness and sensibility.

In closing, I would like to ask the young people to leave their circuit boards at home. Or keep them at school, where their fan clubs can ooh and ahh over their awesome light bright skills. Don't bring them to the airport, don't attach them to a support beam on the major transport route through the heart of Boston. Keep them to yourselves. Study hard children. The world needs "artists".

And valets too.

(PS - The world really does need artists, but this crap "look at me get arrested for my YouTube portfolio" does not qualify.)

"It is the individual who is not interested in his fellow men who has the greatest difficulties in life and provides the greatest injury to others." - Alfred Adler, Psychologist (1870 - 1937)

Joan Withers


I'm really disappointed in you. I raised you better than that. A coworker just sent this to me and I'm truly astounded by your ignorance. What kind freedom are you supporting?

Circuit boards and play-dough strapped to one's body look just like what suicide bombers strap to their bodies.
Please see Exhibits 1-3:
Exhibit 1:
Exhibit 2:
Exhibit 3:

You're saying that is someone is carrying a bomb-like device in an airport, you wouldn't want them stopped. You wouldn't be suspicious in the least? You act so macho - bombs don't scare you! Should I tell everyone how tough you really are? That I had to change your sheets everyday after you peed the bed?

You were so cute as a toddler, I decided to post this video on youtube to show everyone that you weren't always this angry and misguided:

What happened? Please call me.




"Do you folks not understand that what the terrorists want to do is terrorize us? Everyone who is terrified is doing exactly what they want us to do."

Wow, what a genuis you are TerribleOne!!! This has totally enlightened me and relieved me all of suspicions about potential danger in the world. And your bravado is truly inspiring. I can now imagine you looking out of your home window as a prankster teenager walks onto your front lawn with a plastic gun (but who can be sure from the vantage point of your window)...and what do you do? Well, of course, you walk outside and invite the person in for lunch!! And I can see you as some guy (or gal) wearing a long trench coat approaches your seven year old child standing on the street corner as you drive up to pick her up from school. And what do you do? Well, of course, lean back and watch them converse. You never know, maybe the guy or gal is just trying to explain to her how to multiply fractions.

Yes, indeed, it is certainly an "essential civil liberty" of someone to play a prank on you and to approach your daughter on the street.

Do you even know what the hell "an essential civil liberty" is??? Please define this before you pretentiously brag about how brave you are and before you inveigh against people who you call 'traitors' but who really harbor JUSTIFIABLE SUSPICIONS regarding the behavior of others. Your argument hinges on the proposition that dangers of the sort we now call terrorism do not exist, when clearly, they do. Perhaps it's the label that bothers you. But I wonder if you would REALLY invite that teenager in for lunch or really enjoy your daughter having a conversation with a stranger -- or for that matter, if you would really feel no sense of suspicion at all if you saw wired person walking around the airport.

And BTW, your argument about regulated safety designs in autos contradicts your own argument about 'essential' civil liberties. It is precisely because auto accidents are so common that safety designs are mandated. I am not an expert in the legalities of auto regulations, but it strikes me that wearing a seat belt is a justifiable and warranted imposition by state legislatures, not a violation of civil rights. You may want to take the chance and not wear one, but enough people have died or have been maimed because they didn't. So I wear one. Call me a coward, but I just feel safer when I do.


You're a moron, Ryan.

About five minutes of research will inform you that it was never a "fake bomb". It was a flashy little piece of 'art' that she made, and HAD BEEN WEARING ON A REGULAR BASIS FOR SOME TIME BEFORE THE LOGAN AIRPORT INCIDENT. Sure, it's not very good art, but it sure as hell doesn't look like a bomb. It doesn't even look like a fake bomb. It looks like a fucking circuit board with some lights on it.

Good job doing your homework before getting scared shitless of your own shadow.


Mike, Mike, Mike... why are you the angriest little man in the whole wide world?

If you took 5 minutes (well, maybe 20 or 30 minutes, doesn't seem like you're the brightest in the bunch) to read and think about my post instead of just glancing at the title and crapping your pants, you'd see that I understand it was meant to be an "art" project. A circuit board art project, using wires and batteries. A bomb-looking art project.

Oh and also, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't curse on my blog. And stop using caps lock. Actually better yet, just never come back again - you know, whatever's easiest for you. Thanks so much.


Only her bathroom mirror knows exactly why she did what she did.

What should be done now is make her feel such a pain that she and all smartasses would never think to get cute again with this. She crossed the line, it's the same line that separates a safe neighborhood from a bad one. You cross it, you had better be prepared to face the consequences. There are some things that you just cannot find any "humor" in, and it is those same things that SHOULD get you catching a beatdown.

She should know better and she probably does.
It's "people" like this that think they can walk in a dangerous in a city and "believe" that nothing should happen to them because it's their "right" to be there. And when something vicious happens to them in said area, what happens next? cry more.

Fact is, some issues are best left to the powers that be. Sure, question them, yell out loud, hold a protest...and while you smartasses are at it, go build us a better lightbulb or seatbelt.

She should never have done it no matter what the pretense was.


Star was what, ten years old when 9/11 happened?

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