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August 01, 2007



Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I love Miss Jessie's, but I'm seriously contemplating a re-purchase of Curls Milkshake. Have you tried any Carol's Daughter or Deva Curl products? Those are also among my faves. Thanks for reading and linking me!


Hey Afrobella -
No, I haven't tried any of these... didn't even realize these natural hair products were out there! I've only really used Garnier, IC products, and Frizz Ease. And also Miss Jessie's, of course (I'll write up my experience with the Meringue in a full post).

Thanks so much for your suggestions. I think I'm going to pick up all these products and spend a weekend with my hair.


I use Miss Jessies Curly Meringue and I love it. My hair isn't too kinky, but I am black, no mixture, and can compare no other product to it. If you follow the instructions: wash, condition and apply while your hair is practically drenched with water it will come out very good. The drying process can sometimes be tedious.
My first purchase was Curly Pudding but it was too heavy for my hair. My sister, who's hair can turn into an afro, minutes after washing it loves the curly pudding. Her naps turn into little ringlets and she can keep her style for about a week.
I highly recommend these products. They may be a little pricey, but they last.


Also, Miss Jessies returned the natural, wavy texture to my hair after years of flat ironing. Straightening my hair is no problem after using the products either. They don't dry or damage your hair and that's the best part. So to answer Afrobella's question, I highly recommend this product for you. And your hair doesn't have to look like the pictures on Miss Jessies website. I like a smoother, less intense look.


I'm new to Miss Jessie's---I have natural hair and as you know it is very difficult to find the right product. Aveda products smell good, but made my hair DRY and my fro and aching! Frizz Ease Conditioner was cool, so long as I was not going out into humidity, then it would resemble a Jherri Curl. So this weekend I splurged and bought the Curly Mereingue and the baby Buttercream. I LOVE these products. I look forward to coming home and trying new hairstyles. The CM made my hair shiny, moist---not juicy, and my kinks turned into tight spirally curls. I added a littel Baby Buttercream to my front hairline, as this hair is a different texture and I was good! I also use the BB on my daughter (3yrs.) and her hair lies flat if I brush it and curls into ringlets if I use it after I wash her hair. I'm HOOKED! Good luck all.


But what do you guys think of the strong citrus smell? Does that get on your nerves at all? Plus, how long does a jar last for you? Maybe I'm using too much, but it only lasted like two washes.

lil mrs

i use treasure locks products.. the oil softy my hair plus it smell great and its easy to manger and comb and boy i know my hair is very thick.. try you wont be sorry


This seems to be a great site for HealthyBlack Hair Care its provides Free Black Hair Care E-Book and reveals the secret how you can grow up to 6 inches of healthy long black hair in a year and stop hair damage in 90 days.i had been relying on earlier and they too offered good stuff.

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