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August 21, 2007



Miss Jessie should sponsor you.


Miss Jessie should sponsor you.


i was going to try that! your hair looks great too... i heard kinky-curly products work well too..


I am black from west Indies with curly hair...I tried miss Jessie’s and its not what I really expected. The only product I did enjoy and do consider buying again is the RAPID RECOVERY TREATMENT, this works like magic! My hair was easier to untangle…it took less time…this really worked (for me!)…you just have to try it! …the BABY BUTTER creme didn’t really moisturize my hair, after my hair dried it left my hair stiff, kind of was like you can tell I had some kind of product in it (I don’t like that)…when I used the CURLY PUDDING, CURLY MERINGUE, or the STRETCH SILKENING CREME my hair shrunk more than with any other product. None of these products moisturized my hair… it as more like a creamy gel to hold my curls…the only good thing was that it added shine, but the day after looks my hair looked dry and felt chalky…its weird. I do not know what the hype is all about, but that is just my personal experience. I need free flowing moisturized curls! I’m going to try Aveda products!



& PETROLATUM (both of which damage both
hair & skin) AS two of the KEY INGREDIENTS

2) Titi & Miko – THE OWNER’S of the “Miss Jessie’s”
product line (AND most of THE CLIENTS they choose
to photograph) -- achieve their hair-styles because
they USE what they call ”Silkener”' (which is simply
a mild relaxer / texturizer & made of CHEMICALS).

3) The same results can be achieved for a fraction of
the cost by going to a store and purchasing / applying
the same dangerous (ex. relaxer / texturizer) as well
as damaging (ex. mineral oil / petrolatum) products.

4) People should save their money (and hair) by avoiding
the cheaply-made / expensively-sold products (such as
the ”Miss Jessie’s” line) that contain worthless and
harmful ingredients such as mineral oil / petrolatum
and / or are “chemically-dependent” to achieve results.

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