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August 23, 2007


Connie Reece

I love the way this list has taken off -- and how cool to see that you've highlighted the Age of Conversation co-authors. Quite a few of us!


I agree - great to find another AOC author....I think that project is a wonderful example of how web 2.0 can use collaboration for society. Keep blogging


Wow. The list is really on fire, isn't it? It's great to be introduced to so many talented women through this project. Thanks for continuing to spread the word!


Hey! What a great bunch of women, right? I'm a slacker just like you and haven't had a moment to add the list to my blog. I shall soon. I'm definitely up for Boston cocktails. :)

Chris Brown

I love being "pink-a-fied". So often I get one of those "are you really Chris Brown?" when they of course mean a different, much more famous Chris Brown.

Thanks so much for the mention!!


Alright I'm going to start thinking about this Boston meet-up. Anyone else in the Boston area, contact me!

Would be really cool to all meet up as well... maybe in New York at the blogger conference in April? Just a thought :)

Anne Libby

Wow, I wish that I lived in Boston so that I could join you for...well, I'd opt out of the martini and maybe go for a glass of red wine!

Thanks for sharing including me, and be well.

Afro Noir

Thanks for linking to my blog. I like your blog also and will give you a link too.

C.B. Whittemore

Ryan, way cool! Thanks for continuing and adding to the conversation. Love the enhancements you've added. Also check out the new facebook group.

Nettie Hartsock

Thanks for the link love. And great blog title! I love it!


Thanks for the shoutout, Ryan! And for highlighting all these fabulous blogs. Now if I could only find more time to read them...

Count me in for martini night; looking forward to hearing about your recent trip, too!



i wish i was a woman!


Ryan - I use to live in Boston. Wish I still did .. I love the idea of a martini meet-up. Thanks for continuing this conversation.


Hey chica...can't wait to check back in and read more of your juicy glad for these lists link-loving all over the goodness of the else would I find yours? Waaaay cool lady!

Stay passionate,
Kammie K.

Jeanie Marshall

This is such an extraordinary list and phenomenon. It's an honor to be part of it and to be promoting so many others who are involved in the personal development movement.

Make it an Empowering Day!

P.S. Your ordering them alphabetically by blog name is also a nice variation.

Tina Su

This is such a cool list. Thanks for posting!
I love to be added. :)

Think Simple. Be Decisive.

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