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July 18, 2007


Stan Lee

13 hours! And there was I thinking the half hour my wife spends doing her hair each morning was excessive.

Paul McEnany

Meme time!

I'm so friggin' jealous of you. Price is Right. I almost cried when that thing ended. On that day, I knew I was all grownsed up. :)

I've been on Judge Judy, by the way. So I think we're bad daytime television buds.

And PS, I'm still being serious about that contest, so you weren't being naive!


Ummm, Paul, what on earth landed you on Judge Judy? That show is freaking crazy... I used to watch it on snow days and sick days, and man oh man can she throw down!

And Stan, a half hour is nothin when it comes to the world of women's hair. But I wouldn't expect you to know that :)

Paul McEnany

Long story, but I can say that I won, and on almost no sleep after a night of partying in LA (with the opposition). :)


Got tagged and made sure to answer. Check it out!


Great 8 things! I love the "they can make me laugh until I gush tears of joy". Reading this made me laugh as I imagined you laughing. Then I believe smiles are the simplest generous presents one can give to anyone. So, from the pictures of you around here I'd say you're a generous person. And last but not least "tu parles français!" Wow!

Thank you for sharing! : )

Gavin Heaton

Hey Ryan ... in case you didn't see it my 8 things is now online ;)
Oh, and I just did a podcast interview on AoC and the interviewer loved your chapter.

Afro Noir

Do you have a post about your travels through Italy.


hi! you been in Italy?

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