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June 12, 2007


Miss Lucky Mommy

Wow, I missed that one and in a way I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog today. I'm glad you were so honest and to the point. I usually try to not even get all into these debates (to some degree) for the reasons you mentioned. "Black people are too sensitive", "Black people are always crying racism," blah blah blah. It get's old and annoying, but you still did what you felt like you had too. That was just pathetic.
And you know what, remember the video circulating with the 2 little black boys smoking blunts? Remember how outraged everyone was about that? How the masses were disgusted by that blatant act of child abuse and endangerment? I don't recall anyone defending that crap and accusing others of being "lame" or "uptight". Well to me this is the same dang thing. The same way it hurt deep in my gut to see those little boys being polluted by adults, it hurt deep in my gut to see that little girl be polluted. I'm not just Black, but I'm a mother as well and I must say I can't ever remember a moment where I was so hurt and offended on both levels.
It's sad.

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