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April 30, 2007



In response to #10, bring the following supplies to your office:
- Radio tuned to Oldies 103
- A bunch of big sheets
- Charmin TP, scented
- Febreze, lysol, or something
- A little kid potty bucket

Step 1: Have one of your coworkers create a diversion on the other side of the room.
Step 2: Hang one sheet over your cube, one in front. Maybe put up a sign that says "Out to Lunch"
Step 3: Han one tapestry over your cube so your boss can't peek in.
Step 4: Turn up the radio so no one here's any "sound effects".
Step 5: Poo!
Step 6: Wipe (optional)
Step 7: Spray Febreze like crazy
Step 8: Put everything away (hide under your desk, or something.

Maybe you can get the bunny to poo like this too.

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